Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interior work

After a few month hiatus, I decided to get some work done on removing parts from the sedan and also getting more taken out of the wagon. Spent time cleaning up the floor to see what was lurking under the carpet and sound deadener.

Seats came out of both cars as well as lots of trim from the sedan parts car for a guy in Thailand wanting to buy lots of trim parts.

Sedan parts car has an amazingly clean and rust free interior, everything came out easy and some pieces are so nice I can reuse them without having them redone.

Found some rust holes on the front passenger side of the wagon, but that was the ONLY place it rusted through. The sedan donor cars has excellent floors so that will be used to section out a piece and weld it in the wagon.

The rest of the wagon floor is solid with just very light surface rust.

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