Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interior work

After a few month hiatus, I decided to get some work done on removing parts from the sedan and also getting more taken out of the wagon. Spent time cleaning up the floor to see what was lurking under the carpet and sound deadener.

Seats came out of both cars as well as lots of trim from the sedan parts car for a guy in Thailand wanting to buy lots of trim parts.

Sedan parts car has an amazingly clean and rust free interior, everything came out easy and some pieces are so nice I can reuse them without having them redone.

Found some rust holes on the front passenger side of the wagon, but that was the ONLY place it rusted through. The sedan donor cars has excellent floors so that will be used to section out a piece and weld it in the wagon.

The rest of the wagon floor is solid with just very light surface rust.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Tailgate opens!

After 8 hours, yes HOURS of drilling, soaking, prying and gutting the tailgate, I pried it open. Worked good once I over came the rust resistance.

Couldn't get to the tailgate from inside very well due to the metal panel that was screwed on below the edge of the tailgate, had to bend it over to get inside.

Had to disassemble the widow regulator (with power motor) to drop the window into the tailgate to get the glass out of the way. That took 3 hours.

Stripped the inside of all the parts, came apart very nicely thank goodness. And no broken parts either. Still have to see if the motor works for the power window.

Lights came out, all the trim came off and can be straightened nicely and polished back to its original beauty.

I got new (used) tail lights from Moon of Japan!

Parts that I took out, all documented so I can box them up and save them for the final assembly

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The cost of obscurity

So I wanted to have the rear bumper redone on the wagon. Mine shot, beaten, rusted, bent and will never come back to life. (See the previous posts) Through my friend in Japan, he got in contact with Moon Eyes to hunt down one for me.

Looked ok...

...except for the rust in the corners, on both ends and a few dents.

But then again, these are almost non-existent in the world so to find one, any one, was good.

And so I bought it. For 70,000 YEN. Yes, that roughly translates to the yearly income of several small villages in Africa put together. In U.S. dollars that is $700.00.


I wanted a car no one else has so parts are going to be obscure. But that is part of the fun. I know the parts are out there... Can't wait to find more parts!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Progress being made

I have remiss in getting pictures up and working on the car as well.

Got the front end bits of and to the chromer. Everything is coming apart with little hassle.

Tail lights are going to be a bit harder to come by. I did find some nice used lenses on Yahoo Japan and they were only $40! Now I am trying to find the trim and the housings as well.

Found this great NOS piece from Japan, complete with gasket, trim and backing plate. This was $30!

Great to find these are still around sitting is box in someones warehouse or garage, just waiting to be found.

Removed the fenders and doors. Some rust along the top of the fender liners but most of the bolts came out without a hitch.

Looks good except for all the rust. Seats come out next and then the rusty dash. I'll used the dash and all the workings from the 67 Sedan parts car as these are rusted beyond saving.

Small pile pine needles and a nice rats nest came out of both side of the fenders when I pulled the fender and the liner.
Luckily the piles didn't rust out the front fenders, the bottom two bolts on both sides came out super easy.With this much rust on the car it is odd that the bolts come out so nicely.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 67 Crown Sedan arrived...

The 67 Crown Sedan from South Dakota arrived at 9:30 am Saturday March 19th. It came via an enclosed car carrier and in transit, it had a few issues.

The lower control arm had rusted through thanks to years of ground moisture and broke off at the ball joint.

And the rear shock and trailing arms rusted away causing the rear end to break free.

What a headache to get the car out!

So here is what it looked like as it arrive in Seattle and onto the flatbed to its final resting point... my driveway.

After dragging the car out, it pulled the rear end back far enough to pull the driveshaft out of the transmission. It bled to death in the driveway.

And by pushing it back into place, cause the driveline to move forward into the radiator.

More to come...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new addition

I was told by Joe to update my blog, so here it is Joe!

An new addition to the crown family, another 67 Crown but this time a Sedan, rescued from the jaws of death in a South Dakota wrecking yard.

I wanted this for parts but do to incredible good fortune I have been able to locate all the parts I need from Japan, Australia and Finland. So this car may just be ANOTHER one to add to my list of rolling stock.

Comes with the 2300 cc inline 6 with the 2 speed Toyoglide automatic

All the trim is said to be intact and from the looks of it, seems to be true. Solid all around with just some surface rust.

So this makes 3 Crowns, 2 Coronas and a Corolla... and that is just the Toyota part of the garage!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Engine came out without a hitch. Had to remove the drive shaft and transmission which proved to be very tight. the 6 cylinder leaves no space for moving things around.

Engine bay looks better, transmission is hanging in a pool of it own fluid.

Both go to the shop March 3rd (tomorrow) to get renewed. Now the task at hand is to dismantle the entire car and get the body off the frame to get the frame painted, suspension done and the driveline back in place.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Engine time

I know a lot about engines and this is one of those engines that is nothing but bad, wrong and no good. 2 pistons have holes, head gasket had failed in the #2 cylinder. Piston is rusted in there like metal in the salt belt.

No saving this one, off to the wrecking yard for another 2M or 4M.

So the fan clutch still turns and so does the alternator. Engine sure won't turn no matter what but the head seems to be in great shape, no noticeable wear on the cams.

We'll see what the machine shop says.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Little bit of surface rust and a few items that need some attention... like everything!

Found out the two knobs on the left are labeled H and L. One for High Octane gas and Low Octane Gas depending on what you use!

Also, no turn signal lever. The horn ring is the turn signal, turn it left or right to activate the signal. Cool!

Door panels are toast. Windows barely roll down. Outside door handles are frozen solid but they work inside. Surface rust EVERYWHERE.

I do so like a challenge.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pulled the drums off the front, seems clean enough. No fluid left in the lines, bearings looked good, but going to replace them any way.

Found out the aluminum pistons had corroded themselves into the sleeves of the cylinders. Hey, they are only $166 each from Japan! I'll take 4!

Rear brakes took about 2 hours to get the drums off. Steel cylinders on the back but I did find on of them on eBay for $15! The rest need to be hunted down.

Enough of the brakes, time for the engine and transmission removal.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After 30 years, this is the rust that had fallen off the hood into the engine, and everything was covered in surface rust. Luckily most of the nuts and bolts are coming out with a healthy does of WD-40.

Carb has been corroded with a few living creatures in it. The alternator, distibutor and fuel pump all look about the same... dismal.

Looks worse than it is. Some good clean up and a few hundred hours of work and it should be back on the road...

Looks barn fresh to me! Parts came apart easily despite how bad it looks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rear Tail lights are in sad shape, but still there. I have the trim but it will need major surgery to get back to what it was.

Left rear light has a hole from a crunch, but the trim is still there, luckily.

Front headlight surround has also been eaten away and hopefully there is enough there to rechrome it.

Front grille lip has also rotted away but the grille and the emblem are still in great shape.

LF turn signal surround also is rotted away, RF seems to be OK which is odd seeing that the hood rusted completely away on the right side.

Hood is a lost cause, rusted through all over and broken on the right side so much so that the hood latch isn't part of the hood any more.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Restoration of my 67 Toyota Crown Wagon

Day One: Purchase the car.

Olympia WA, $250. So the journey begins. Been sitting outside, protected by moss since 1979! Hood is rusted through, surface rust in bizarre places. All trim is intact. Doors won't open, handles won't even move. So I bought it.

Back end had been run into a pole or two along the way, broken tail light and a nicely mangled bumper.

All the trim is there, all is decent condition. Wet inside, most of the rubber is past it's prime. Interior is more rusty than the exterior.