Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new addition

I was told by Joe to update my blog, so here it is Joe!

An new addition to the crown family, another 67 Crown but this time a Sedan, rescued from the jaws of death in a South Dakota wrecking yard.

I wanted this for parts but do to incredible good fortune I have been able to locate all the parts I need from Japan, Australia and Finland. So this car may just be ANOTHER one to add to my list of rolling stock.

Comes with the 2300 cc inline 6 with the 2 speed Toyoglide automatic

All the trim is said to be intact and from the looks of it, seems to be true. Solid all around with just some surface rust.

So this makes 3 Crowns, 2 Coronas and a Corolla... and that is just the Toyota part of the garage!

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