Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 67 Crown Sedan arrived...

The 67 Crown Sedan from South Dakota arrived at 9:30 am Saturday March 19th. It came via an enclosed car carrier and in transit, it had a few issues.

The lower control arm had rusted through thanks to years of ground moisture and broke off at the ball joint.

And the rear shock and trailing arms rusted away causing the rear end to break free.

What a headache to get the car out!

So here is what it looked like as it arrive in Seattle and onto the flatbed to its final resting point... my driveway.

After dragging the car out, it pulled the rear end back far enough to pull the driveshaft out of the transmission. It bled to death in the driveway.

And by pushing it back into place, cause the driveline to move forward into the radiator.

More to come...

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